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The Site
This site was designed and made with the objective of full usability and accessibility.

On this page you will find information about the organisation and construction of the site in order to resolve possible doubts and navigation problems.

In the menu you can choose the topic of your interest.

Site navigation Accessibility

Site navigation
The site navigation is organised using the following menus, present on each page:

Tool bar: Contains the main items relating to the company.

Logo: Takes you back to the Home Page from whichever page on the site, with the exception of the Home page itself.

Breadcrumb menu: The hierarchical navigation route of each page.

Footer: Contains the items for contact with the public.

Some of the items in the Tool Bar (Products and Accessories) lead to a page which contains info on these items, and there you will find a second level menu, arranged in tabs, which allows navigation inside the chosen category.
In the Product section, which has an extensive catalogue a menu dealing with each of the singular items has been added.
After selecting a category of products (e.g. angular bathtubs) a detail of the first product will be shown, with a zoom-function. This opens in a pop-up window, with on the side of the page the menu of the other angular bathtubs.
Site accessibility
The accessibility has been observed up to the point of analysis.
The operations listed here can be summed up in the following points:
  • Code syntax: Here the templates are validated, the lay-out and all pages in general. Every new addition is validated.

  • Adherence to the WAI project: : the accordance to checkpoints WCAG 1.0. has been valued, both for the use of automatic instruments as for manual use.

  • Adherence to the norms in use: The accordance to the norms in use has been observed (Stanca law, memo AIPA and Public function).

  • Specific interventions: Certain skips to bypass repeated groups of links have been added, this in order to reach the contents quickly.
    To obtain a higher readability we chose not to add comments (Alt Text) to the images, but to highlight the information in the texts.

  • We believe to have made sufficient contrast between the texts and the background. Therefore we decided not to supply a High-contrast version, because frankly we feel this would have an adverse effect on users with reduced vision. If you have a differing opinion, please contact us.

  • The site is best viewed in screen resolution 1024x768 and 800x600.

  • No protected formats have been used for downloads, with the exception of the PDF files, since these are widespread, and anyway are readily available at the Adobe site, where you can download the appropriate plug-in free. We are aware of the difficulties in coding a PDF file to text, but on the other hand, there are no other instruments available that are as widespread as Adobe that allow to transmit text and images in a relatively small format.
    In any case, the downloads that are at present on the site refer to official company catalogues, divided in categories, that do not offer more information than the site.

  • No pop-up windows, with the exception of those relating to zoom-functions, will open on the site, in accordance with common practice on the Net. Concerning external links, documentation is given by means of titles. In any case the concept if the link is explained in the description of the link.

  • The lay-out of the site has been tested using various graphic browsers, text browsers and speech.

  • The site has been tested on various owner platforms as well as on Open Source platforms.