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Some technical terms often surprise and scare people who normally are engaged in another sector or field, and who wish to know more about our world of hydro-massage bathtubs to buy a tub or just to know more.

To make the terms which are not so common in the day-to-day use of the language understandable to every one, we made this short glossary.
AcrylicCompound material used for the production of tubs
A plastic material that is used for the production of bathtubs (thermo shaping) The thickness of the layer of Acrylics important because it makes the tub durable and resistant Normally we don't use layers under 6 mm thick.
AirpoolDenominates airstreams from the floor
Term that identifies the air jets placed on the bottom of the hydro massage tub.
Chromedcovered in Chrome
Indicates kind of finishing.
Chromo therapyTherapy with coloured lights
Indicates a modern therapy technology that whereby a body immersed in water is exposed to cold light (source lcd).
DigitalElectronic command display
Type of hydro massage display with numbers, letters or led.
Digital DisplayElectronic display
Hydro message control display with letters, numbers or led.
EnergyHydro massage with jets and Airpool with digital command
ATMOSPHERE -term to indicate a specific kind of hydro massage installation. The Energy typology is the mixed kind, made up of lateral jets, bottom of the tub Airpool, with digital display.
engineHydro massage engine
Made up of an electrical PUMP or ENGINE, which, commanded by a central command, produces the hydro massage.
ExplorerType of hydro massage with pneumatic controls
ATMOSPHERE - term for a specific kind of hydro massage installation.The Explorer typology is the one made up of lateral jets with pneumatic controls.
gel coatCoating used for cold shaping tubs in glass resin
It's the kind of coating that is used for the "cold" construction of tubs in glass fibre (glass resin). It is a special kind of coating, resistant to atmospheric influences, even acids, and it can be made to look new even after years, it is repaintable and the shine can be brought back, even after years of use. Because of its quality, resistance and durability it is also used in the marine sector for the construction of boats and yachts, in the automobile industry and in the production of airplanes.
glass resin Compound of glass resin and glass fibre
Type of material made up of glass fibre and liquid resin that is used for stratifications and reinforcement of all products in gel coat.
Hydro massagemassage with water
Key word, already used in the Antiquity, to indicate massage with water.
ledLight emitting diode
Low tension diode
level meterAccessory used to measure the level of water inside the tub
It is placed at the height of the jests in order to control the quantity of water is the right quantity to commence the hydro-massage. All the Whirlpool and Energy versions have a water level indicator.
mouthAccessory designed for mixing water an air
20° century accessory invented to mix air and water. The main element for hydro massages.
Nauticindicates products designed for use in boats and yachts
ATMOSPHERE - term for a specific kind of tub, or a tub designed for use in boats and yachts. The Nautic equipment means that for the construction for a tub or hydro massage tub materials have been used that are resistant against salts, humidity, thermal shocks and are anti oxidising (gel coat, stainless steel, marine wood).
ozonatorAccessory designed for the production of OZONE
20° century accessory designed for the production of OZONE, making oxygen go past special tube that create a voltaic arch (corona effect). This is why the lamp used in our installation is also called "corona lamp"
ozoneTriatomic form of oxygen, has highly disinfectant qualities.
Ozone is a natural component of our atmosphere and filters harmful ultraviolet rays before they reach the surface of the earth. Ozone is a allotropic form of oxygen and its chemical formula is (O2+O). It is a colourless gas and at room temperature it has a nice smell. Ozone has strongly disinfectant qualities, it is neutral to the human body, doesn't change the pH of the skin, it doesn't irritate the eyes, it doesn't effect the hair, it is a harmless gas and it is not cancerogenous. It is made by so-called OZONATORS because it cannot be stored or transported and it useful life is only a few seconds.
ozone therapyTherapy that uses the disinfectant qualities of Ozone
A modern massage technology using Ozone (produced by the Ozonator) in a bath of water . The advantages of a hydro massage tub with Ozone production are the disinfecting qualities of Ozone, its stimulating and healing function which favours the peripheral circulation of the blood and makes the oxygen exchange quicker, induced by the hydro massage.
pneumaticType of control using blasts of air
Indicates a type of control which uses a blast of air.
timerUsed to time the exercise
All Whirlpool and Energy versions have a timer which is pre-programmed to 20 minutes.
tubeDrain component
Connects the tub or shower platform to the drain.
waterproofwater resistant
Said of elements that water cannot penetrate.
Whirlpool CType of hydro massage with digitally controlled jets. The digital control also controls the tempera
ATMOSPHERE - term for a specific kind of hydro massage installation. The Whirlpool typology is made up of lateral jets with digital display. Optimal instrument to control the water temperature 3-39°, recommended for hydro massage.
WhirpoolType of hydro massage with jets with digital commands.
ATMOSPHERE - term for a specific kind of hydro massage installation. The Whirlpool typology is made up of lateral jets with digital display.