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From some years, almost all boats are equipped with hydraulic gangway and for the boats is more comfortable and secure the accommodation on the stern platform.

As a result of this new arrangement the hydraulic gangways often can not get off enough, especially in the presence of a low platform.

Atmosphère has created this handy aid to place it in front of their boat dock, more it have innovative design and practicality.
We have made it with a opening top for use it to place shoes or other little objects.

The SALGOBENE has two carrying handles and Prestige version has two sockets, courtesy lights and twilight switch to find your return SALGOBENE lit evening.

The product is available with following equipment
Salgobene Comfort

cod. 46
Gradino nautico Gavonato con maniglie di trasporto. 
Salgobene Prestige

cod. 47

Gradino Nautico Gavonato con maniglie di trasporto + Kit Prese di Corrente 220 volts + Kit Luci di cortesia 12 volts.

Il Kit comprende una presa di corrente IP 67 / 220 volts per collegarsi dalla banchina al Salgobene per alimentare il kit luci (12 volts) + una seconda presa di corrente IP 67 220 volts per collegarsi dal Salgobene alla imbarcazione.

In dotazione anche due spine,una dritta ed una angolata (cavo di corrente escluso). L'accensione delle luci è comandata da un interruttore / commutatore / crepuscolare (12 volts)
Pos.1- Crepuscolare Attivo Pos. 0 - Spento Pos. 2 - On-Off manuale.
Salgobene Mini

cod. 48

Gradino Nautico in Vetroresina.

Misure 36 x 60 x 25 h
The product can be accessorised with the following options
Mat "Welcome Aboard"Colors Blue / Cream / Coconut
Mat with boat namecolori a scelta
Sockets 380 VoltsExtra charge
Stickers on the back"Reserved" + boat name
Prices are VAT excluded.
For private persons who buy in our Show Rooms we have interesting sales conditions.
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